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Retailers and restaurant owners are increasingly challenging by the pace and complexity of retailing battlefield - from shorter product life cycles, faster time to market, emerging of substitute products, pricing and costing pressures to demanding customers.  Retailer can't survive without proactively adapting to the business environment to support its core retailing functions, store and warehouse operations, as well as their online presence in today's e-commerce market. Yet there is no secret sure-win formula that universally applicable in this competitive retail environment.

Customers are now in hand with more options, more information and greater expectations to choose who and how they want to do business with. They demand from retailers a highly personalized retail experience along the way of their spending. Now more than ever, small- and mid-sized retailers and restaurant owners must be prepared to set strategies and deal with a blend of marketing, accounting, tax and operational issues to grasp any opportunities in this dynamic industry.

In order to provide services to companies like yours, our team are made up of specialists who focus their activities and practices on retail and restaurant clients. Our team members have committed to provide personalized service to you in the same way you provide your customers, through past experience and by pursuing additional training on the trends and issues affecting your industry.

We provide the following services to keep you focus on your growth and stay ahead of your competitors:
  •     Financial statements audit
  •     Review and compilation services
  •     Payroll and accounting solutions
  •     Sales tax and reporting services
  •     Tax compliance and consultation
  •     Multi-state operations
  •     International tax
  •     Technology Consulting

Our team works with you in an integrated way, without communication barriers

While we understand the structure and cycles in your industry, we seek an on-going opened dialogue to better understand your company's strategies and challenges throughout the year. We are expecting to establish a two-way, mutual exchange channel which allows us to have a continues communication, the free exchange of ideas and concepts all focused to minimize immediate accounting and tax burden, to provide business solution that improves your efficiency and bottom line, and to capitalize on opportunities in order to strengthen the value of your company.

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