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Companies and individuals alike across the U.S. call on us to assist with expatriate tax planning and compliance. Globalization of the economy and cross-broader trading have caused consolidation of businesses in many industries. As a result, employees and management are routinely transferred between countries for short-term or long-term assignments to manage the newly combined or separated operations.  This transferring of  human resources can create real headaches to both the owners and employees of the companies when it comes to sorting out tax filing and withholding requirements in the host country and the United States.

In order to ensure a U.S. transferee is not adversely affected by a higher global tax burden, many employers agree to offer tax equalization incentives as part of the compensation package. While this part of the package sweetens the deal for the employee, it can lead to substantial costs on the employer's part. Our international tax professionals make sure your international employees, both U.S. citizens working abroad and foreign citizens present in the United States, are taxed correctly. We have experience in planning and executing strategies to reduce your U.S. and foreign social security taxes, payroll taxes, withholding taxes and other taxes, as well as limit your nexus to taxation in a host country.

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